Acceleration in La Mondiale Europarner’s digital transformation marked by the launch of its new extranet
News - 24/04/2018

La Mondiale Europartner is launching an innovative, cutting-edge new tool in order to serve its partners and customers. This is a further step in the company’s digital transformation, which is in keeping with a desire to meet its partners and customers’ needs more closely while fulfilling new usage requirements.

A collaborative review

“This development is the result of an in-depth review with our partners, which has been ongoing since 2017. The purpose of this collaborative work was to gather their requirements and understand their expectations, and so provide them with an outstanding customer experience”, Philippe Burdeyron, Director of Development at La Mondiale Europartner, commented. 

An innovative, cutting-edge solution

As of 24 April, all of La Mondiale Europartner’s partners will be able to find out about the new extranet, which is available via the public website and in tablet version. Designed to facilitate everyday operations performed by the Group’s partners who market its products and solutions, the extranet site fulfils a commitment to transparency while providing easy and quick access to a large number of services. Accordingly, this user-friendly and intuitive tool will enable La Mondiale Europartner to stand out on the Luxembourg life insurance market.

What happens next?

Philippe Burdeyron has announced that “the coming months will be continuously marked by innovations developed as part of a joint construction process with our partners. We are in the process of achieving our aim of becoming the leading Luxembourg operator in terms of digital innovation in the high net-worth life insurance market.”