Private Insurance Café about Pension solutions for wealthy clients
Event - 16/02/2017

On Thursday, 16th February, La Mondiale Europartner organised in Milan the first Private Insurance Café of the year entitled "Pension solutions for wealthy clients", with the collaboration of RGA and its development manager in the EMEA zone, Mr Adriano De Matteis.

During the event, several leading players from the private Italian banks listened to the presentation of RGA and then discussed the development prospects for the pension insurance sold through private banks or brokers. Topics of the debate were Death and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance cover, Critical Illness and Long-Term Care insurance cover.

This Private Insurance Café has shown the partners' interest in developing these solutions, but in a market that still needs to improve its knowledge of these products. Disseminating a culture of foresight among customers and partners is essential for companies that want to offer these solutions. Indeed, the presence of specialists who can offer support to the bankers is often fundamental in order to offer these types of cover and to raise awareness amongst clients. For HNWI clients, this means first of all sufficient cover to avoid redemption of investments and to guarantee financial stability for families in the event of the death, sickness, disability or loss of autonomy of the head of the household.

This subject is certain to generate a lot of discussion: anticipating these needs and being ready to have a strong position in this market will be the objective for several market players in the coming years.