This search engine allows you to access the KID (Key Information Documents) of LA MONDIALE EUROPARTNER products in accordance with the PRIIPs European regulation (Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products).

After selecting the language, the law of the contract and the product searched, the KID (Key Information Document) will be generated.
You can then launch the search by clicking "search" to load all the related investment funds. You can also filter the results by clicking "filter results".
Using the filters, you have the option to:
- Filter the selection of General funds: search by fund name
- Filter the selection of External funds: search by fund name and/or ISIN reference
- Filter the selection of Internal dedicated funds: search by fund name and/or asset manager

The regulation SFDR on the publication of sustainability information in the financial services sector is effective from 10 March 2021 and provides for harmonisation of the communication of sustainable development data and the sustainability risks within financial products. It also introduces a classification of financial products. Our life insurance and capitalisation products, our euro-denominated products and our growth product, are classified "article 8". An additional appendix has been drafted for each product marketed and is available in the file: SFDR Addendum

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