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Tell us about your complaint

It is our aim at La Mondiale Europartner to offer all our clients the highest levels of customer service. We strive at all times to ensure that our customers are treated with care and courtesy and that in all instances their needs and requirements are uppermost in our priorities.

There are however times when we do not fully meet our client’s expectations and that our customers may feel dissatisfied with the service we provide. If this happens, we want you to let us know. Not only does this allow us the opportunity to fully investigate and resolve your dissatisfaction as quickly as possible but it will also assist us in our efforts to continually improve the service we provide.

What you can expect of us

Any complaint that we receive will be acknowledged and investigated by a fully trained and experienced member of staff. We will ensure that you are fully informed of our actions, at all stages of the complaint, and we will work closely with you to ensure that our solution is satisfactory to your needs.

Our complaints procedure

Stage 1. All complaints should be expressed in writing. They will then be acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt if a respond cannot be issued within this timeframe. It will be registered on our internal complaints system. Your complaint will then be passed to the appropriate Case Handler to investigate. Your dissatisfaction should be expressed in writing either by post or email, and should be forwarded to us using the following contact details:

Email: helpdesk@lamondiale.lu
Post:   La Mondiale Europartner
BP 2122
L-1021 Luxembourg

Stage 2. The Case Handler will respond as quickly as possible and with the aim is to issue a response within 30 business days. The response will detail our findings and also our proposed solution. However, if we cannot issue a response within this timeframe, a follow up email/letter will indicate a new expected schedule. It may be that you remain dissatisfied and if that is the case then we encourage you to re-contact us immediately. It is possible that our investigation take longer than we initially anticipated and if this is the case then we will contact you within the 30-day period with details of a revised response date.

Stage 3.  If further dissatisfaction is expressed, if we are unable to propose a solution to which you are agreeable, you may exercise your referral rights for free and which enable you to take your case to:
- Commissariat Aux Assurances (CAA). Your letter is to be addressed to Commissariat Aux Assurances, 11, rue Robert Stumper, L-2557 Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - https://www.caa.lu/fr/consommateurs/resolution-extrajudiciaire-des-litiges